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The need for Enterprise Process

With enterprise process, common processes are in place to make sure that servers, workstations, and applications aren’t altered unless of course decided through the IT organization. It helps to ensure that training are learned just once, that worker jobs are documented, consistent, and repeatable, which random changes are minimized.

Establish Baseline:

The initial step in applying a company process is defined set up a baseline for the enterprise. That’s, current system configurations should be documented and some standard configurations established. Start with the servers. Documenting server software and hardware configurations is often as simple as recording screens having a screen capture utility and placing images in short document. For bigger systems, tools for example Systems Management Server can automate the procedure.

For workstations, standard system builds or images with generally used software ought to be established for categories of users. Systems may then be constructed from these standard images utilizing a cloning tool for example Symantec Ghost. And changes to those standard configurations can be carried out and tested around the standard images before propagating these to the bigger user community, therefore minimizing the outcome of driver and software glitches. Deviations in the standard builds for users with special needs ought to be documented inside a database to make sure an entire and accurate picture from the enterprise is maintained.

Control User Permissions:

Maintaining the conventional configuration on every user’s machine is vital to achieving a reliable users list.

What this means is changes to workstations by users should be tightly controlled. Because of this it’s suggested that users ‘t be routinely given administrative legal rights. For individuals requiring such legal rights, a procedure should be implemented to make sure that only approved changes are created.

Engage Change Control Team:

When a baseline continues to be established for that enterprise, changes towards the baseline should be controlled by a few authoritative body. A big change control board is suggested featuring its representation from systems managers, tech support team, network security, also it management. The board should meet regularly and become the gateway for change demands, making certain that every change is essential, continues to be researched and documented because the best answer, and it has been coordinated to reduce conflicts. Change demands ought to be reviewed and evaluated before board conferences, and approved demands ought to be documented in an effort to maintain past enterprise changes.

Avoid Exceptions:

Obviously, exceptions to plain configurations and operations is going to be necessary, and emergencies will arise. However, exceptions ought to be rare, and documented. And emergencies ought to be anticipated with appropriate procedures.


Enterprise process is paramount component in almost any enterprise coherence strategy. After some investment, it’ll reap generous benefits.

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