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The Top LLC Formation Services You Need to Check Out

Do you want to start your very own business, but with all the flexibility and some sort of freedom with limitations? Are you looking to get the benefits of limited liability that corporations have while benefiting from the flexibility and flow-through taxation of partnerships and sole-proprietorships? If that’s the case, then the type of business structure you need to form is an LLC. It has many benefits, aside from the flexibility you are looking for. For one, it can protect you from being held liable during lawsuits or if your LLC will file for bankruptcy. In short, your assets are protected.

If you’re thinking of forming an LLC right now, there are many LLC formation services you should check out. These will help you build your LLC from the ground up, but only for an affordable price that won’t break the bank. Read on below to know what these LLC formation services are!

Rocket Lawyer

Today, one of the most popular LLC formation services is Rocket Lawyer, which you can check out at They are great for basic LLC formation, but they are most helpful if you will need legal and business services. They offer subscription plans, and if you sign up for these plans, you will be given a free LLC formation service. In addition, they are very experienced with excellent customer support, so you will get all the help you will need.


If you want the best features of an LLC formation service for an excellent low and affordable price, then ZenBusiness is the best choice. For only $49 plus the state fee, they can help you form your chosen LLC business structure. The plan also comes with 25% off of registered agent services for the first year! Thus, you can save more money, which you can use for the more essential aspects of your business. In addition, they have expansive features and overwhelming favorable reviews!


One of the most popular and respected LLC formation services today is IncAuthority. They offer one of the cheapest incorporation options with a free formation option. Their formation package includes starting your business for free as long as you can do without the frills. They have formed over 100,000 companies across the United States ever since 1989, making them one of the most extensive formation services in the industry. So if you’re searching for an affordable formation option that can provide the drafting of your LLC’s articles of organization, then IncAuthority is the best choice.

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent is also on top of the list of the best formation services today due to the fact that they provide the best customer service in the United States. These corporate guides are thoroughly trained about the formation process and have guaranteed response times to secure the best services to all their clients. Even though they come at a price, rest assured that Northwest Registered Agent will ensure your LLC business will be formed.

The Bottomline

If you’re thinking of forming your LLC business now, you can check out some of the services listed above. You won’t have to worry about all the filing and other documents needed when these guys can take care of that for you!

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