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Why you should protect your swimming pool pump

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is the best way to relax, stay fit and have fun. Keep your swimming pool more attractive when you know how to clean a green swimming pool. After swimming pool installation, always make sure the pool pump is in good shape. You will achieve this if you protect the pump.

To protect your pump, use a pool pump cover. You can decide to build your own or buy a ready-made pool pump cover that matches décor of your poolside area.

Benefits of a pool pump cover

It protects the pump from wind, ice, snow, and rain.

A pump needs protection from weather effects like rain, ice, snow, and wind. The weather causes freezing of internal components and lines, thus damaging the pump. A cover gives protection from damage and freezing of the pump even in cold conditions.

Protects the pump from animals

If not well taken care of, backyard animals can damage the horse and wiring of your pump. A cover keeps away small critters from the device.

A cover is a storage area for other items.

A pump cover can also function as a storage area for other items like heaters, skimmers, and a pool vac unit. These are items important to maintain a clean pool. These things need safe storage.

Protecting the pump from direct sun exposure

Leaving a pump under direct sunlight damages the rubber and plastic components. Direct sunlight reduces the lifespan of the pool pump by 15 to 20 percent. The damage happens in one summer season.

To increase the lifespan of the pump, use a cover to cover the device.

A cover acts as a poolside area more peaceful and beautiful.

Besides protecting the pump and heater, a cover acts as a beautifier to your poolside area. It hides the big pump and heater equipment from the vicinity behind the beautiful cover.

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