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Yubo Revolutionizes the Age Verification Process

Fraudsters will always exist, regardless of the medium, and some of them may attempt to join a social media platform in order to exploit the members of that platform’s community. There is always the possibility that some people hold ill will against others. Technology that can verify a user’s age has therefore become a very important component of the online world.

Ever since it started bringing in a significant number of users who were part of Generation Z, Yubo has caused a stir in the industry of social networking sites.

The new way of determining a user’s age was implemented by Yubo in conjunction with Yoti, a recognized provider of digital safety and security. Its purpose is to make the process of verifying a user’s age easier for users who desire to utilize the Yubo platform, while at the same time respecting the users’ right to their own privacy.

Users are required to record a very short video of themselves in real-time in order to use the Yubo application. This snippet of video is then analyzed by Yoti’s algorithm, which determines if the video is authentic, unaltered, and accurate in terms of the age that the user claimed when they opened their account. The photograph is analyzed by the Yoti technology, which determines the user’s age based on what it observes about the user. When a match is detected, the user’s age is checked to make sure it is accurate. Alternatively, if the information does not match, the person in question is required to take further measures to confirm their age, which may entail submitting certain documents. This technology is both operated and manufactured by Yoti, the market leader in the provision of services relating to the protection of users’ privacy and security while online. The method of estimating a person’s age has a precision of 98.9%.

At first, only users between the ages of 13 and 14 were permitted to use the tool to verify their age; nevertheless, the ultimate goal of the platform was to enable verification of the age of all users. The safety of each and every Yubo user is the primary focus of our project. Because of the rapid introduction of this new technology after the completion of a successful pilot project, every user of the iOS operating system has already been verified three months ahead of schedule. Android users, who account for around 10% of Yubo’s total user base, will soon be required to use age verification methods as well. This change will take place in the following weeks.

Because the whole process is based on an algorithm that analyzes a picture, users do not need to provide any personal papers, identity cards, or other private information in order to complete it unless a user’s verification is unsuccessful. Because of the circumstances, it would be necessary for them to provide further proof of their age. Yubo’s most recent ground-breaking approach to age verification establishes a brand-new standard for the protection of online user communities.

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